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CaptainFrost is known for its exclusive services that include Boat Refrigeration and Marine Air Conditioning and many more!


USS Ronald Reagan Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier

Repaired Walk In Refrigerator & Redesigned System To Make It More Reliable & Serves-Able. Our Design Changes Are Being Incorporated In New Systems For Aircraft Carriers Under Construction.

Yacht Spirit – 178 ft Amels Limited Edition

Warranty Repair of Marine Air Air-Conditioning System.

Lara 125 ft – Delta

Repaired 240,000 BTU Chiller, Installed New Expansion Valves, Repaired Persistent Refrigerant Leak in Chiller Barrel. Installed New Shaft Seal in One of Four Compressors. Installed New Controls For Air-Handlers. Repaired Walk In Freezer Refrigerant Leaks, Installing New Defrost Heaters.

Apogee-205 ft Codecasa

Repaired Three 25-Ton Chillers, Brazed In New High Pressure Refrigerant Lines, Solenoid Valve, & Filter/Drier. Replaced Variable Frequency Drives, Thermostats & Expansion Valves.

Exuma – 164 ft Perini Navi Motor Yacht

Warranty Repair of Air-Conditioning System for Condaria & Warranty Repair & Upgrading Of Freezers In Galley For Frigomar.

Jagare – 123 ft Abeking & Rasmussen

Repaired Refrigeration System for Refrigerator & Freezer, Including Installation of New Compressor, New Controls, Repaired Refrigerant Leaks at Evaporator, Replaced Mullion Heaters in Doors, Installed New Latches & Hinges, Repaired Chilled Water System, Etc.

Robert C. Seamans – 134 ft Brigantine, Research/Sailing Vessel

Engineered, Sourced & Installed Air-Conditioning System For Research Laboratory. The Robert C. Seams is the most sophisticated oceanographic tall ship sailing vessel ever built in the United States; (operated by Sea Education of Woods Hole Massachusetts).

Twizzle-182 ft Feadship

Repaired & Serviced Hein & Hopman Chilled Water System. Repaired Icemaker, Checked Performance & Serviced Systems for Walk-In Refrigerator & Freezer, Etc.

Patient Falcon – 93 ft Nelson/Marek

Repaired 120 Volt AC & 24 Volt DC Refrigeration Systems, Including Installation of New Controls. Installed New AC Systems. Rewired Shore Power Systems, Installed Isolation Step Up/Down Transformer. Installed New Controls for Variable Pitch Propeller, etc.

Kauhale Kai – 90 ft ABD Aluminum Boats

Replace Chilled Water System With Higher Capacity System Utilizing Three Marine Air 60,000 BTU Chillers With New Controls. Upgraded Sea Water & Chilled Water Pumps & Lines To Match Higher Capacity. Installed New Controls For Air Handlers.

Dumb Luck – 127 ft Crescent

Repaired 60,000 BTU Marin Air Chillers, Installed New Compressor, Evaporator, Reversing Valve, Expansion Valve and Pressure Switches. Installed New Pumps For Salt and Chilled Water. Installed New Air-Handlers and Controls.

Amancer – 105 Azimut

Took Over Retrofitting of two new Chillers and 22 Air-Handlers and Associated Controls after another San Diego based company was unable to accomplish this difficult retrofit.

Galileo G – 183 ft Picchiotti Vitruvius Motor Yacht

Warranty Repair of Air-Conditioning System for Condaria, Compressor & Evaporator Replaced, Air Handlers Repaired. Warranty Repair of Frigomar Refrigeration Systems.

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Clients Say

Without hesitation, we would recommend Captain Frost to others. We showed up in San Diego with only a short time to go before the Baja HaHa. With five of living on board, refrigeration was a priority. Despite the aged nature of our system and awkward access, Captain Frost worked through the weekend to come up with a creative solution that was ready in time for our sail south with the rest of the fleet. He took the time to teach us as he went so we were better prepared for future refrigeration issues.

Max Shaw

Max Shaw

SV Fluenta, Stevens 47

Captain Frost has been a pleasure to work with over the years. We have retained his services on multiple jobs where we have received the utmost professionalism and timeliness. His knowledge base of the industry and quality of work are unparalleled. I highly recommend Captain Frost to anyone in need of refrigeration or Air-Conditioning work!

April Tellez

April Tellez

Explorer Marine Services

I write this letter of recommendation without hesitation. I own a 2009 Azimut 105 motor yacht. After purchasing the yacht in July of 2014 I embarked on a massive refit, which involved the replacement of 2 chiller units and 22 air handlers. This was a massive HVAC refit, which I had entrusted to another local firm. Without going into detail I was forced after a number of months to release the other firm due to poor workmanship and a variety of other egregious events. The damages created by the other firm were substantial on a number of levels.

Jay B Levitt

Jay B Levitt

Owner of Amanecer

Looking for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service for your Yacht?

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