San Francisco Marine Refrigeration, A/C, HVAC, & Boat Repair Service

Captain Frost is a top San Francisco Marine HVAC & boat repair company. Our staff members have decades of accumulated professional knowledge and can install, upgrade, and maintain boat cabin air conditioners or refrigeration at any spot along the city’s coastline. Our dedication to employee development, which includes factory education at our main suppliers, guarantees that we have a team of skilled workers who will offer you exceptional service.

Our HVAC and General Repair Services are Available at Marinas in San Francisco and Around the World

Treasure Isle Yacht Harbor, Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, South Beach Harbor Marina, Schoonmaker Point Marina, Emery Cove Yacht Harbor, and Ballena Isle Marina are among the marinas in San Francisco where we offer marine fridge repairs. Call for our SF, South Bay, North Bay, and East Bay repair services!

We provide a variety of boat fridge repair services to our clients and are experienced in managing multi-ton chilled equipment on elegant superyachts and smaller ships. Our knowledgeable technicians will swiftly fix and replace your boat refrigeration equipment to keep your system cold and fresh. Contact us a for a variety of boat repair needs!

boat ac repair service in san diego

Reliable Boat Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists in San Francisco

We have considerable repair knowledge and are experienced with a wide variety of systems, from modest, DC-powered cool-only units used in small ships to a multi-ton 3-stage cooling systems.

In addition, our staff provides exceptional marine AC repair services on powerboats, sailboats, and yachts alike, thanks to our ongoing dedication to service excellence. We also keep a large supply of spare parts and repair gear on hand, so we should be able to get everything back up to speed in no time.

Sailboat ac unit repair, boat air conditioners, water pump maintenance, yacht AC unit renovations and servicing, and many other solutions are available to you when you choose to work with us. Get fast expert marine San Francisco A/C services by contacting us immediately.

San Francisco Refrigeration Repair Service for Yachts, Sailboats, and Most Boats

Captain Frost is a premier supplier of marine refrigeration services in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. For years, our professionals have provided yacht repair, setup, and boat refrigerator repair for all big manufacturers of marine fridges, including Engel, Waeco, Dometic, Norcold, Seafrost, and others.

Before you depart the harbor, make sure your ship is in excellent shape. Call our skilled experts available for San Francisco Refrigeration Repair Services, as soon as you notice a problem. Our team can analyze, evaluate, and repair your boat fridge regardless of the situation.

Boat owners use refrigerators to keep supplies fresh until they’re ready to cook, keep their drinks chilled, and their ice buckets filled. Unfortunately, your boat’s refrigerator or freezer is subjected to a variety of harsh conditions, including a salt-laden atmosphere and frequent vibrations. This is where a marine fridge repair service can save you money on expensive repairs.

boat ac repair service in san diego

We Service All Major Brands of Marine Refrigerators

Get Professional Help From Our Local Boat Service Crews In San Francisco

Our specialists are well-versed in a wide range of brands and their complexities. We guarantee exceptional service in the important sections of the yachting business by having offices in several cities of California, each with a full inventory of systems and materials.

We listen closely to our customers’ concerns and dispatch specialists who have been extensively briefed on the circumstances so that clients do not have to repeat their issues. As a result, customers believe they can rely on us for all their potential San Francisco Marine HVAC repair requirements when we deploy a skilled staff that understands their issues completely.

We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so give us a call or submit an online request for great boat air conditioning in San Francisco. We will dispatch our personnel to any marina in SF as soon as possible.

Our Services are Available at Marinas in San Francisco and Around the World

Captain Frost has established its reputation in the San Francisco area for hvac, refrigeration and marine air conditioning services. We will visit your ship to make the repair. Emery Cove Yacht Harbor, Ballena Isle Marina, Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, and Treasure Isle Yacht Harbor are just a few of the prominent marinas where we are licensed.

Marine Air Conditioning & Heating

Keep your a/c unit fresh and in good repair for cool a/c throughout your voyage. We are the specialists for a/c and repair all varieties of marine air conditioners and heaters.

Marine Refrigeration

When your boat fridge, kegerator, freezer or other marine refrigerator needs repair, we are the best in town to fix the issue quickly and effectively. 

Marine Oil Change

Maintain your boat's engine lifespan with regular oil changes and keep up with your required maintenance. Contact us for a quick oil change service in the marina. 

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