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Complete Boat Repairs in San Diego Marinas

Captain Frost is a trusted name in diesel engine and marine repair services across San Diego. Our licensed technicians maintain a track record of successfully rendering air conditioning repairs, refrigeration repairs, appliances installation, and other technical repairs on boats of various sizes and categories in all San Diego marinas.

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Boat Exterior Repairs

Boat Systems Repairs

Boat Electrical Repairs

Boat Cleaning & Upkeep

BOAT EXTERIOR REPAIRS: With just one phone call, you can get the city’s best boat and yacht exterior repairs technicians to take care of any exterior damage on your vessel. We will send you technicians who have ample experience in repairing exteriors on boats in the same category as yours.

BOAT SYSTEMS REPAIRS: You can also request specialized repairs services for your boat’s various systems, such as navigation instruments, hydraulics, power supply, etc. When you call us, we will understand the specific problem you are facing and send a specialist that can fix the associated systems.

BOAT ELECTRICAL REPAIRS: Boats have complex electrical circuitry, especially the bigger ones. If you are having a problem with your electrical system, switches, or wiring, we can send you a boat electrical specialist to deliver swift, high-quality services at affordable prices.

BOAT CLEANING & UPKEEP: If you have been on a long boating trip that has made your boat looking all messy, or if you met a storm on the way and have debris onboard, call us and request an expert boat cleaning crew. You can avail this service for routine boat upkeep and maintenance as well.

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Marine & Boat Repair Services in All Southern California Marinas

We offer boat repairs in Sunroad Marina, San Diego, as well as in other marinas along the city’s beach. Our technicians are also available to render services when your boat is moored in a marina. If our technicians are not available, we can recommend professional services at the marina where your boat is anchored.

We actively work with clients who use the following marinas in San Diego and SoCal:

  • Sunharbor Marina
  • Cortez Marina
  • California Yacht Marina
  • Kona Kai Marina
  • Southwestern Marina

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Experienced House Boat Repair Service Technicians Ready for Your Vessel

We are your trusted boat repair service technicians who are trained on all varieties of vessels. Houseboats are one our specialties with A/C and Refrigeration as absolute necessities, but we also will support with other types of local boat repairs. We come to where you are to provide the houseboat services that are fast and effective for solving your boating repair needs.

Our partnership with quality suppliers makes our service top of the line and supported by highly trained technicians to resolve your issue correctly to make sure you can go back and enjoy your travel on the water.

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Trusted Boat Repair Services in San Diego and SoCal

We are A/C and refrigeration specialists but are happy to make recommendations for repair services in marinas throughout San Diego including; Sunroad, Sunharbor, Cortez, California Yacht, Kona Kai, and Southwestern.


We bring decades of boat repair service experience to your vessel.


We offer specialized boat repairs and yacht maintenance services in San Diego and SoCal.


We only hire licensed and experienced boat technicians onto our team.


We provide high end professional services at competitive service rates.

Marine Air Conditioning & Heating

Keep your a/c unit fresh and in good repair for cool a/c throughout your voyage. We are the specialists for a/c and repair all varieties of marine air conditioners and heaters.

Marine Refrigeration

When your boat fridge, kegerator, freezer or other marine refrigerator needs repair, we are the best in town to fix the issue quickly and effectively. 

Marine Oil Change

Maintain your boat's engine lifespan with regular oil changes and keep up with your required maintenance. Contact us for a quick oil change service in the marina. 

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