Marine Air Conditioning
Service in Long Beach

Captain Frost is a trusted name for marine air conditioning service in Long Beach and many other cities across the nation. We bring ## years of combined experience to the table and deliver boat air conditioning repairs, installation, and replacement services with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our focus on excellence of service has made us the go-to AC services provider for Long Beach marinas and boat owners.

Comprehensive Boat Air Conditioning Services for Yachts, Sailboats, and Most Boat Cabins

Captain Frost team is always at the ready to deliver high-quality boat air conditioning services across the Long Beach shoreline. A number of marina managers and businesses in the city trust our experienced and efficient boat AC technicians and recommend us to their guests and other boat owners in need of boat AC installation, repairs, servicing, or replacement.

Our crews are happy to deliver services in any marina of your choice in Long Beach. The team will arrive on the set appointment and deliver any kind of marine AC services you need, including yacht air conditioner repairs, sailboat cabin AC replacement, marine reverse cycle heat and air conditioning service, boat HVAC repair, and more.

Connect with us to request fast and professional boat air conditioning services in Long Beach.

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Reliable Boat AC & Heating Service Provider

Since the company’s establishment, Captain Frost team is known to have an unshakable focus on delivering top-notch marine air conditioning services on all kinds of boats. With our crews’ comprehensive expertise in boat AC installation, servicing and repairs, we continue to deliver professional services with 100% customer satisfaction.

We only use trusted machinery and equipment vendors, which allows us to promise our customers exceptional product life and performance when we are asked to conduct boat air conditioning and heating installation.

Our crews consist of licensed technicians with many years of field experience each. Thus, when you call us for boat AC and heating services, you are calling in the best team in business across Southern California.

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Get Professional Help From Our Local Boat AC Service Crews In Long Beach

Customer support services have always been one of our shining qualities. Our team makes sure that every customer gets personalized service from start to finish, so they feel valued and heard.

We focus on personalized experiences to make customers become loyal and always call us when they need marine air conditioning services in Long Beach.

You can call us right now to book a marine AC services appointment for any location or marina in Long Beach, including Alamitos Bay Marina, Rainbow Marina, Long Beach Shoreline Marina, or others. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and deliver professional boat AC services.

Our Services in Long Beach Marinas and Internationally

We offer boat fridge repair in marinas throughout Long Beach including; Long Beach Shoreline Marina, Alamitos Bay Marina, Long Beach Marina Headquarters, Cerritos Bahia Marina, Lighthouse Yacht Marina, and Leeward Bay Marina. We have years of experience in providing the finest boat air conditioning and boat refrigeration repair services to those seeking out-of-the-box services for their boats and yachts. Our Boat A/C repair services in Long Beach are quick and efficient to keep your marine air conditioning running at peak performance.

Marine Air Conditioning & Heating

Keep your a/c unit fresh and in good repair for cool a/c throughout your voyage. We are the specialists for a/c and repair all varieties of marine air conditioners and heaters.

Marine Refrigeration

When your boat fridge, kegerator, freezer or other marine refrigerator needs repair, we are the best in town to fix the issue quickly and effectively. 

Marine Oil Change

Maintain your boat's engine lifespan with regular oil changes and keep up with your required maintenance. Contact us for a quick oil change service in the marina. 

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