Marine Refrigeration
Service in Long Beach

Captain Frost helps you keep your food and beverages cold during voyages with reliable marine refrigeration service in Long Beach delivered by local, experienced boat fridge technicians.

We have built the reputation of a dependable boat refrigeration repairs team that delivers services for all major marine fridge/freezer brands with 100% customer satisfaction.

Long Beach Refrigeration Services for Yachts, Sailboats, and Most Boat Cabins

We are proud to offer expert boat refrigeration services in Long Beach for all types of vessels, including sailboats, yachts, pleasure boats, and pontoon boats, of all sizes. With our team’s many years of field experience, we are well aware of the kinds of problems marine refrigerators and freezers most often develop over time.

Our trained, licensed and experienced boat refrigerator technicians are always ready to fix your marine fridges and freezers on any location across the Long Beach shoreline. The best thing about hiring our crews is they know the entire Long Beach shoreline and can come to any marina your boat may be anchored in.

In simpler words, we can take care of any problems you may be facing with your boat refrigerator or freezer, including complete repairs, replacement of parts and equipment, as well as installation of new boat refrigerators.

Get Your Boat, Yacht & Sailboat Fridge & Freezer Repaired By Skilled Technicians

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether or not our technicians are familiar with a certain make and model or a specific way of solving the problem faced by the customer. We take pride in our comprehensive expertise in marine refrigeration repairs. No matter what size your boat is and what make and model it’s refrigerator or freezer may be, our skilled marine fridge technicians will deliver 100% customer satisfaction on the job and finish the task in a timely fashion.

After all, we will never want you to be late for your next voyage.

Boat Refrigeration Services fit for All Brands & Models

Captain Frost is one of the leading marine refrigeration repair partners for many renowned brands such as Engel, Waeco, Norcold, Isotherm, Dometic, Vitifrigo, Nova kool, Seafrost and more for decades.

Dependable Services Delivered By Local Boat Refrigeration Specialists In Long Beach

When you get our boat refrigeration services, you will realize how professional our crews really are. We only bring in the best local marine refrigeration talent in Long Beach to our team, and it shows in the quality of boat fridge repairs you receive.

Our technicians arrive on time and perform their job in the most efficient way, preserving time and expenses while ensuring your repaired boat fridge or freezer resumes working well. With our team’s expertise and our exceptional customer service policies, you can get superior Los Angeles marine refrigeration services in Long Beach or at any location of your choice.

Call in to tell us where your boat is anchored, and we will send our friendly, expert crew for a detailed review right away.

Our Services in Long Beach Marinas and Internationally

We offer boat fridge repair in marinas throughout Long Beach including; Long Beach Shoreline Marina, Alamitos Bay Marina, Long Beach Marina Headquarters, Cerritos Bahia Marina, Lighthouse Yacht Marina, and Leeward Bay Marina. With years of experience providing the boat air conditioning and boat refrigeration repair services to those seeking top-notch services for their boats and yachts, we will keep you cool!


Marine Air Conditioning & Heating

Keep your a/c unit fresh and in good repair for cool a/c throughout your voyage. We are the specialists for a/c and repair all varieties of marine air conditioners and heaters.

Marine Refrigeration

When your boat fridge, kegerator, freezer or other marine refrigerator needs repair, we are the best in town to fix the issue quickly and effectively. 

Marine Oil Change

Maintain your boat's engine lifespan with regular oil changes and keep up with your required maintenance. Contact us for a quick oil change service in the marina. 

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