Frigomar Self Contained Marine Air Conditioner with Inverter BLDC

This high performance self-contained unit by Frigomar with BLDC inverter technology is built for independent air conditioning systems. The Air extraction unit made by Frigomar and imported to USA by Captain Frost has low operating noise & vibration, rapid cooling & heating, high efficiency blower all in a compact size & weight for your boat.

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Air Conditioner Models:

  • SCU07VFD – 7,000 BTU/h
  • SCU10VFD – 10,000 BTU/h
  • SCU12VFD – 12,000 BTU/h
  • SCU16VFD – 16,000 BTU/h
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Learn More About Figomar BLDC Variable Speed Inverter Drive Air Conditioning

Now Wifi Module with Control App and UVA/C LED Air Sterilizer Kit!

Advantages of Frigomar Air Conditioning

  • Very compact design and low weight
  • 50% higher energy efficiency compared to ON/OFF
  • Highest comfort: silent operation and stable temperature
  • Lowest consumption: 150-200 W max input power in ECO mode
  • Elimination of peak current at start-up (only 2 A max)



New touchscreen thermostat!


ULTIMATE VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE TECHNOLOGY – VFD technology “sensor less” is used to accurately control the compressor speed in order to deliver the needed capacity at all times, following the environmental conditions; by contrast traditional air conditioners use on/off type compressors that either work at maximum speed or stop. The Frigomar self-contained unit is equipped with a BLDC motor compressor (98% energy efficient) controlled by an electrical inverter varying the speed from 20-100 Hz. Thanks to the elimination of start stop cycles the energy efficiency is considerably increased without sharp fluctuations of air temperature and power supply, thus increasing the lifespan of the unit and the comfort on board.

Performance Curves of Frigomar Self-Contained Unit

SKU: FRG-DS-SCU-2019-04

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