Refrigeration plants are a common component of watercrafts. They are responsible for taking care of edible items as well as temperature-sensitive cargo items. However, these systems are susceptible to many issues that may arise at any time.

Common Boat Refrigeration Issues You Need to Know

Does your boat’s refrigeration system need repair or maintenance work? Has it broken down without any prior warning? You can sort out most of the problems with traditional methods of repair. Here is a list of common boat refrigeration issues you need to know about along with their solutions.

Compressor Starts but Stops Frequently

Despite maintaining the temperature of the boat, its reefer cargo, or provision room, the reefer compressor may cut in and out. In such cases, you need to resolve the issues urgently.

If there is an incorrect setting of cut-outs, it may occur due to the high pressure (HP) cut-out set on too high or low cut-out pressure set too low. You can check the settings and customize them to the recommended limit. On the other hand, the differential setting span on the refrigeration system can be small. The reason behind this issue may include the setting span of low cut-out pressure being too small that may lead to regular cut-in and cut-out of the compressor. Changing the setting by increasing the span within the starting and stopping pressure can fix this issue. Similarly, the suction line in the compressor filters is prone to clogging, which can further cause periodic LP cut out. You can clean the filter to get rid of the clogged suction filters and improve its performance.

Unusual Sound from the Compressor

If the boat’s compressor is making a unusual sound, this may be due to an issue with its components or any other reason. Sometimes, the oil pressure in the compressor can drop too low. You need to ensure that the oil level is adequate and the oil does not cause foaming. Also, it is best to refill the lube oil. In some cases, the compressor and motor can align incorrectly, leading to a strange sound from inside. In order to resolve this issue, check if the motor and compressor are aligned accordingly.

Reduced Cooling Capacity

The reduction in the plant’s cooling capacity may hinder the functioning of the provision room or cause disturbances in the cargo hold temperature. It may occur due to insufficient refrigeration. To sort out this issue, you can charge the refrigerant in the circuit. Another reason may include a poor thermostat location that senses cold temperatures. You can put the sensor of the TEV in the discharge of the evaporator.

Taking on the problems mentioned above can be difficult, which is why you need to have a qualified team of engineers on board. They will save time while reducing the risk of further damage to the boat’s refrigeration system.