Boating on a bright, sunny day is a great idea to host a get-together during the summer. Whether you like to throw family dinners or recreational events on your boat, its air conditioning system should work well. Otherwise, it would become problematic for the guests to enjoy their time on the ship. It will end up spoiling all the fun for you and everyone on the boat.

How to Troubleshoot your Boat’s Air Conditioning System

If your boat’s air conditioning system has failed, you can fix it up while staying inside the ship during daytime. Here is the list of ways to troubleshoot your boat’s air conditioning system.

Go Through the User Manual

Start by reading the user manual and understand every detail regarding the air conditioning system or any other equipment. The manual will help you understand different ways to determine issues and troubleshoot the air conditioning system accordingly. In some cases, it may require help from a professional.

Frozen Evaporator

The evaporator of your boat can freeze. Its functioning is similar to your car radiator; hence, it is susceptible to insufficient ventilation. This can happen due to blocked vents. You can fix this problem by cleaning the duct system or increasing the vents to allow sufficient airflow. Next, you need to determine the minimum quantity of vents required by the system to perform well and upgrade properly. Other reasons may include obstruction of the return air, which can be resolved by cleaning the air filter for better ventilation.

Moreover, its fan can lead to a freezing evaporator, which indicates damage or poor functioning. In such a situation, you can check if the fan is running correctly or not. If you notice leakage within the fan, it can also contribute to a frozen evaporator due to decreased coolant levels. You should contact a professional technician to find the leak and fix the issue by refilling the freon.

Overflow within the Condensation Fan

If the condensation pan in the system starts overflowing, it can flood within the boat if left untreated. It can indicate an obstruction within your air conditioner. You can fix the issue by cleaning and clearing the pan drain nipple as it may contain dirt and debris buildup that can restrict the water flow. Next, you should check the drain hose as it can be blocked. You can clean up the hose in case of obstruction and reassemble if misaligned. Replacing the drain hose can resolve extensive kinks. In some cases, the AC unit does not allow the water to drain out of the pan nipple. To restore the flow of water, you should raise the elevation to a greater degree.

The air conditioning system within a boat helps create an enjoyable experience during summers. However, it can stop working all of a sudden. It is better to understand the basic functioning of the system and ways to troubleshoot your boat air conditioning system on your own. Using the steps mentioned above, you can fix the issue without any further delay.


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