There is no better way to appreciate life and nature then spending a lazy day out on the open seas in your yacht. The gentle breeze ruffling your hair, the fresh air filling your nostrils and sounds of the water breaking against your boat are best enjoyed with a great drink in your hand.

For all the young ‘uns and crew, water and juices are just fine. But, for all of legal age, you need a drink that adds to the serendipity of the experience. Remember, don’t drink and drive!

We have an amazing list of boat drinks that you can make yourself or take with you to have the best time buying your first yacht or after years of yachting..

Our Recommended Drinks for Your Boat


Margaritas are the perfect blend for yacht and boat trips. A margarita in your hand says it loud and clear: this is a vacation. While you will have to put some things together, margaritas are still pretty easy to make.
You’ll need some tequila, triple sec and some lime juice.

Add these three together, and you have a margarita. For some additional flavor, put some salt on the rim of the serving glass, and add a lime wedge. A pro tip is, first put some lime juice on the rim and then put the rim on the salt so that it stays.

Mai Tai

This rum-based drink is a definite if the weather is chilly and the wind is nipping. It’ll warm you right up and hit all the right spots. You need rum, lime juice, orange curaçao and orgeat. Don’t forget to add some mint leaves for garnish.

Fun fact: while Mai Tai gets its name from the Tahitian language, the origins are said to be of California.


Seafaring and mojitos have a long history together. Another rum-based drink, the origins can be traced back to sailors and navy of old who used it for medicinal purposes. But with a taste like this, it’s no wonder that mojitos are a favorite all over the world.

To put together a mojito, all you need is rum, lime, mint and some sugar. Add them up together and then add some club soda to make the perfect blend.

Maritime Martini

A boat drink specifically created for aficionados, this martini is sure to make you live the boating experience to the max. It is mixture of gin and dry vermouth, topped off with olives.

A lot of people like prefer it stirred, but let us tell you – there is nothing like a shaken maritime martini as you sunbathe in your yacht.


This is Brazil’s national drink, and if that doesn’t tell you why it’s a must when you’re throwing a party on your yacht, then we’re not sure what will. Caipirinhas de-stress and refresh look nothing else.
To put together this cocktail, you need lime cut into wedges, sugar, and cachaça. You can use lime juice instead of lime wedges, but it’s not recommended. Garnish with a lime wheel to top it off.


Rum and the sea have an inexplicable connection. And the painkiller is everything its name says and much more. If you are out at sea, looking to drown your pains of the daily routine, this boat drink is what you need.
You’ll need: dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and cream of coconut. Add the ingredients together and shake with ice. Dust some fresh nutmeg to spice up the flavor and aroma.


Lastly, and since we don’t want to offer an incomplete list of boat drinks, let’s talk beer. There can’t be a yacht trip without beer. A cold beer feels like home, anywhere. They are so easy to store, chill and of course require minimum effort. No mixing and stirring, just open up a bottle and enjoy.

Pro Tip: Select a drink that matches your boat or yacht interior design styles so you can look extra swanky!


Have a Designated Driver and Enjoy these Boat Drinks

So next time you’re heading out to sea, pick a boat drink that strikes your fancy and know you’re in for a good time. On a serious note, stay hydrated. Alcohol, dehydration and the sea is not a pleasant combination. Remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver.


When your boat refrigeration needs an upgrade, give our team a call, we’ll keep your drinks cool!