You must have all kinds of different electric appliances on your boat, from air conditioning to mini-refrigerators, they have become a necessity to have on board. However, this necessity comes with a cost, and that is the cost of charging your boat’s battery banks. You may also need air conditioning or boat refrigeration repairs, and when you do, give our specialists a call!

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Battery banks are usually charging when your boat engine is running, your engine supplies them the power. This can take a toll on your engine, and can also increase your fuel costs. While taking long routes, or enjoying the view while docked, you don’t want to run out of power and fuel quickly.

The most common alternative to this situation is to have a diesel generator on board. Even though it is not the best power alternate, but generators can produce a lot of power for you. The drawbacks of having a generator onboard are it occupies space, makes a lot of noise, and runs on diesel! This means you will have to carry extra fuel on board. Which kind of brings us back to square one.

The best alternate to burning fuel is renewable energy as a power alternate for your boat. Following are the three main renewable energy sources you can utilize.

  • Solar Energy
  • Hydroelectric Generators
  • Wind Energy

While out in the sea or at the docks, you can use either one of these or a combination to fulfil your electricity needs. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to carry any extra fuel or make detours to get your tank filled up. And they don’t make noise!


Solar Energy

No matter what size your boat is, you can always find a feasible solar power solution for it. You can have different kinds of solar panels on your boats. If you want a low-cost solution, you can get a solar panel that is enough to keep your battery charged. Since there is plenty of exposure to sunlight on a boat, you may want to go for a solution where you can harness enough electricity from the solar panel to use during the day and charge the batteries simultaneously. So when the sun goes down you will still have plenty of charge to not rely on your engine.


Hydroelectric Generators

More commonly known as water turbines, you can easily install these on your boat. They are an inexpensive and effective solution to your power problems. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the sun going down. As long as your boat is moving, these turbines will keep charging your battery banks. They do not create any kind of hindrance when it comes to the speed of your boat. If you do have a budget, you can install a large enough turbine to run your appliances and charge your battery simultaneously.


Wind Energy

With wind energy, you don’t have to wait for the sun to rise nor do you have to keep your boat moving for electricity. These turbines can even produce more energy than solar panels, given that you have a high wind current. Chances are you will have wind 24/7 out in the sea, even if not strong wind, your turbine will keep producing electricity. However, this solution does make a little noise, but at least you will be reducing your carbon footprint.


All these solutions are easily installed on a boat; it’s high time that you shift to renewable energy. It is a lot less hassle and a lot more environment friendly.

Remember you can contact us whenever you have a boat a/c repair or refrigeration need. We’re ready to keep you cool!